Last saturday, July's 29th, Clube de Motorismo de Setúbal gave us one more sprint at Variante da Várzea.

I was missing that great smell of burnt gas and rubber, typical of these events, so I went from Ribatejo straight to Setúbal, grabbed my girlfriend (who has a lot of patiente for this but ended the day enjoying a lot) and there we went to Variante da Várzea. I arrived a little late so I couldn't see the main attraction, however, it was still possible to "wash my eyes" with the presence of cars I love.

The Renault 8 Gordini was the first I saw, then the Ford Escort RS mk1 with a >>LOUD<< BDA engine, VW Golf GTI mk1 and mk2, Peugeot 205 GTI, Mazda RX-7 FB, Opel 1904, Datsuns, bike engined karts, Jaguar XJS... A true delight to my eyes... And ears!

I must highlight CMS' team work on this event for solving fast and efficiently all the issues that occurred, just like the near accident between a 200SX and a Civic, they just reduced the number of cars in track from 3 to 2.

The environment was amazing and I confess I wasn't expecting so many people in there, specially with the hot weather Portugal has in these days and knowing there's Feira de Santiago, a big fair to the locals. Oh, and I say known faces too!

September's 2nd auto sport will be back to the land of "choco frito" (local dish, try it!), this time for the return of Rampa da Arrábida! I hope I'll be there!

I let you with some pics I took in the little time I was in this event and I hope you enjoy it and share!

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