BMW M3 (E46)
It was a Saturday's afternoon and weather was so unstable I was in doubt wether this session would happen or not. But I closed my eyes, prayed a bit and moved forward to this spot. A manual BMW M3 E46 would be the star of the day...
MINI ME - Honda Civic 1.4
A private session to a friend's Honda Civic EK. It was a simple 1.4 non-VTEC but now it revs harder after some few mods! Mini Me!
Peugeot 205 GTI - L'Enfant Terrible
Nearly 2 years ago, I photographed one of the best and desired pocket rockets ever, making a great call to its badge, the Peugeot 205 GTI. Now, all I have to do is enjoy the not-so-wonderful-actually-nothing-wonderful rise of Peugeot 205's price and wait for an appealing business to fulfill my dream...
1990 Alfa Romeo Spider 1.6
I went through 25 de Abril, in a sunny thursday, on my way to a calm Lisbon due to the holiday season, with one goal in mind. Pick up a 1990 Alfa Romeo Spider, drive it and still produce a good photo shoot for the current owners.
Meeting a Friend - BMW 116d
This is a special session, not only for being done to a Great friend's car, Tiago, but also because... It wasn't supposed to happen. "How so?", you ask. Well, it's simply because this night just began as a reunion between two friends to get the talking stuff, of months, up to date.
Caterham 275 S
Caterham Cars Portugal invited me to do a test drive to this Caterham 275S and so I took the chance. Find here what was an entire day driving it!
Mosquito Splatter
It was not a regular Sunday morning, again... I guess it's becoming regular not having a regular Sunday morning, eh? I met with Tiago to do a session to his Fiat 128 near Coruche and so we decided to go to an old (and abandoned) train station near Coruche. Once Tiago arrived, I noticed his car was... not clean. Never saw this amount of mosquitos splatted in the car.
Private photo session to a Toyota Corolla AE86 Levin,
Macal TR 50 - João Carlos
Photo session to the Macal TR 50 of my friend João.
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