Motorclássico, held at FIL, Lisbon has been active during April's 21st, 22nd and 23rd, covering an area bigger than 20.000 m2, presenting over 160 exhibitors, including an Automobile Auction, thematic exhibitions and Club's Meetings, occurring at same time.

This is one of those car shows we can't miss given the presence of some old relics of the automobile world, however, I can't not say that this year it appeared to have less afluence and the entry price was, in a certain way, a bit high, for only one pavilion. But this doesn't mean that it wasn't worth it, not even close.

From a WIP BMW 503 to a Mercedes-Benz CLK Black Series, there were enough car diversity to get loose for some hours in this pavilion, been it to just appreciate cars I never saw (example, the BMW 503), or just to appreciate the high level of some restorations some garages presented, among which I highlight the Timeless Garage, with the outstanding 356 "Outlaw".

Although I only photographed this "Outlaw" in its full presence, the truth is that all the space this garage occupied breathed quality, being it for the Mercedes-Benz S124, pratically new, or for the beautiful (Alfisti spotted!) Alfa Romeo 105 series, with a race spec and a "make everyone drool" engine bay.

I had mentioned before, and I think it is noticeable, that I love Alfa Romeo and, for that reason, I almost couldn't stop admiring the GTV6, Giulias and GT Motorclássico had to show, and I had to visit the Alfa Romeo Clube de Portugal area. Once more, I must thank Pres. Magid Ahmad and Alfa Romeo Clube de Portugal for the simpathy they had for receiving me, the total freewill they gave me to photograph their area and, also, for letting me appreciate the Giulia 1600 Super Biscione even closer. That was in a great shape, too! This stand had also the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio to show, due to a partnership with FCA Motor Village Portugal.

Another obligatory stop, this time to review some known faces from the Morgan... And Caterham Portugal's team! This exhibitor was distinguishable by the presence of the only Morgan 4/4 80th Anniversary in Portugal, a limited edition created to celebrate the 80 years of 4/4's existence, and, next to it, two Caterham 275, one of them, the R version. "Fall in love with driving again", the Morgan's motto, was the strenght of this stand, where we not only appreciated the cars they had but also saw them as driving experiences, unique in this world.

Finally, I had to mention the quality of the paints Mr. Yoshiharu Miyakawa had in his own space, where we could appreciate a large variety of car paints!

Now it's time to finish this post and I'll put the remaining photos in my Facebook's page, HERE. I can't forget to mention the low luminosity this pavillion had and I also would like to see a bigger variety of cars. I also would like to had gone home with a white Peugeot 205 GTI 1.9 from Norev, but my hunt between the shops revealed to be unsuccessful.

Already waiting for the next year!

PS: Didn't take a pic to all cars, I confess... But it is easier for a petrolhead get "lost" in time enjoying the little details and cars that he forgets that he has a camera in its hand...
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