It was not a regular Sunday morning, again... I guess it's becoming regular not having a regular Sunday morning, eh?
I met with Tiago to do a session to his Fiat 128 near Coruche and so we decided to go to an old (and abandoned) train station near Coruche. Once Tiago arrived, I noticed his car was... not clean. Never saw this amount of mosquitos splatted in the car. 

>> hysteric screams inside my head <<

"Well... I hope there's no problem to photograph the car the way it is..." said Tiago. Basterd! But ok, I thought it would be out the box and somehow would create a funny environment around this whole session. And I think it worked out pretty good, don't you agree? 
Something happened with the trains here, 30 minutes had passed and no train appeared. People waiting in the crossroad started to be REALLY mad and I think I never heard so many blasphemies in my life (lie). And then, there at the end of the straight, a train appeared... In a slow pace... Very slow. Oh come on we almost could walk alongside it! Troll train driver detected! But no problem, it gave time to snap a shot to the 128 next to it.
After the train passed the crossroad, it remained closed, so we thought it could be possible there were two trains in the same line and they were changing lines somewhere. We decided to move to an abandoned factory near Coruche, but we had a little problem... Due to the wainting there was a long row of cars waiting to move... So Tiago said he knew a shortcut and so there we went. Funny countryside roads, matching with this 128 style, I mean, look at the car, it resembles a mad rally machine. And that oldschool sound... Damn.
Oh look, there was a nice spot there. Photography Time! And we moved along, again, I mean, there's an abandoned factory waiting for us. Abandoned Factories are fancy.
I left my car in Coruche and we went there in the 128. I missed that. That feeling of being in an oldschool car. Nothing is perfectly mounted. Lot's of noise. The smell of burnt gasoline. In this case, it's not a fast car, but f*ck it, it feels damn fast! That's the real deal, feel the real driving. Feel the real pleasure of grabing a steering wheel, do a magic work with pedals and gearbox and spend a lot of smiles per gallon. Damn, this is another unforgettable experience. Oh and I need to lose weight, those seat belts were tricky. But fitted!
We arrived to the abandoned factory to do the last pictures and there was a little time to enjoy the details this 128 had. The rear defogger is awkward because... It was an extra, and this one is aftermarket! Well engineered, rude and stuff. I like it. Abarth symbol inside, aftermarket tachometer, a red switch (race mode on?), lot's of metal, rock and roll! What a pleasure to be close to this car!
We spent a while here and then we started to pack our stuff to go home... But someone closed the gate. Oops. And now? Luckily there was a number so we could call and the answer we had was a loud laugh from the security guy. Oh come on! Another troll!

Finally he oppened the gate, I said goodbye to Tiago and for me this day was not close to be finished... you'll understand why in the next article!
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