The weather in Portugal has been a bit unstable, giving us an unpleasant summer (we, Portuguese people, love sunny days and beach , right?) but in this case I think it helped a lot in this session's mood. Seeing a cloudy sky, where the Sun appeared sometimes and a quiet river Tejo, helped in the decision of where to photograph this day's car. About the car... Well, this car belongs to my friend Brito and it's not the first Honda Civic I publish here but it is, surely, the funniest (thanks to the owner who's a friend) and interesting I made contact until today. As you read in the title, it's a mere 1.4... Not so "mere", perhaps. It has some tricks. Cool tricks. Named VTEC. But still a 1.4... Why not a K or B swap? Or even a D16? Brito just wanted to do something different, explore the possibilities of this unit and, of course, be... Ehrm... Somewhat "legal". 

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