Meeting a Friend - BMW 116d

This is a special session, not only for being done to a Great friend's car, Tiago, but also because... It wasn't supposed to happen. "How so?", you ask. Well, it's simply because this night just began as a reunion between two friends to get the talking stuff, of months, up to date.

This car is a recent acquisition so, knowing that I'm a car enthusiast, we took a ride after our coffee stop... With my camera stored back in the suitcase. I was pleased, very smooth riding, good level of soundproofing and... We don't even realize that it's a 1.5-liter 3-cylinder diesel, being it for the performances that, although modest, comply, do not disappoint and, let's face it, for a daily, it's more than enough to guarantee comfort and enjoyment in driving. I hadn't been in a BMW for a long time, so I didn't even remember that the dashboard had that classic full orange light, a detail I just loved. However, due to the longitudinal assembly of the engines, Tiago and I complained about the interior space for not being one of the best, but not that bad. Also, 16d or 40i, inside a BMW there is only one place that really matters...

Time was passing, and we were coming to Santarém when we thought, "Why not take some photos in the historic area?" Being said there we went to "Portas do Sol". Simple lines, modest car, night, no doubt a good challenge for me. The environment was relaxing, we were talking with each other and it's easier when I photograph a friends car. The night was pleasant, not too cold, so there was no problem in that, but since we were on a public road I took few pictures, but enough to please the owner of the car.

I hope you liked it, Tiago, there will be more of these, don't worry!

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