There were only two days of clear and warm weather but the enough for a meet with friends and, for those who like it, have a ride on a bike or a car. This was the case.

João and I met each other some years ago and if there's something we have in common is the pleasure for driving, cars and bikes. It's not weird to acknowledge that sometimes we spend hours and hours talking about these subjects, without noticing the time passing by and make us late for some compromises. But that's not a big problem, ain't that true, João? Some beers later, we decided that it was the time to photograph his Macal TR50. Barragem de Magos fits good to the moment since in the golden age of those bikes, they were made to all terrain, all purpose and since we already got there... Why not?

While I was preparing my photography gear I looked at TR50 and thought that it's virtually impossible to not like these kind of bikes. The unmistakable sound of 2-stroke engines, fed my mixture, the chrome, the several details carved or stamped of the respective brands and that smell of burnt gasoline reminds me old times that won't comeback again and marked my childhood, weren't I a guy from a Ribatejo's village.

 This TR50 has been restored with the aim of giving back the vitality of other times, which is going on great, at least judging by the speed that it reached in the end of the day... João, did you put some Nitro on it?! There are still some details to be seen (which is quite normal), but otherwise, it is able to make the maximum mileage that the deposit and reliability of the Sachs engine allows.

 Hours are passing by and the affluence to this spot increases with the arrival of the late afternoon, so let's give the day has finished. It was a good afternoon, no doubt, and I hope you enjoy the photos and João's Macal TR50.

 P.S.: Oh, thanks João, now you have made me mad to finish my EFS.
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