Shades of grey in a garden
Abstract B&W photos from a simple and common garden.
Sailing in Sado
One of these days I took the chance to travel across Sado by ferryboat from Tróia to Setúbal and I had a chance to grab my Fujifilm X-S10 and to take some pics of this astonishing land/seascape intensified by the golden hour.
Lotus 3 Eleven - AUTOart
Miniature session to a modelcar from AUTOart. The model this time is a 1:18 Lotus 3 Eleven.
Toyota Yaris GRMN - Motor O2
GAZOO RACING - Meister of Nürburgring. Toyota lost its mind and released this limited edition of a proper pocket rocket, the Yaris GRMN. 1.8 liter, supercharged madness in a tiny, rad looking livery, hatch? That's the kind of madness I love. I chose this urban spot due to the circumstances of a busy agenda and shot with a borrowed Canon 77D from a friend of mine, again, for Motor O2.
Private photo session to a Toyota Corolla AE86 Levin,
Renault Clio R.S. Trophy - Motor O2
Photo session for Motor O2 to a Renault Clio R.S: Trophy.
Volvo V90 Cross Country - Motor O2
Returning to Motor 2, this promised to be a great afternoon with the new Volvo V90 Cross Country!
IV Festival de Balonismo - Coruche
Peugeot 208 GTI by Peugeot Sport - Motor O2
Back to Motor O2 after a break! And what a return, with one of my favourite hot-hatches, the (little) devilish Peugeot 208 GTI by Peugeot Sport. This was a simple session just to make sure the Coupe Franche livery could stand out. About the car, it was a delightful experience to repeat...
Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2.0T 280cv
Alfa Romeo played its cards into the SUV segment with the Alfa Romeo Stelvio. Check my work done for Motor O2 and follow the link to read the car review.
Nissan 370Z Nismo - Motor O2
6 cylinder, 350hp, Naturally Aspirated, aerodynamics... NISMO. Amazing attributes, specially the last one. NISMO says it all when it's applied to an already special Nissan 370Z, turning it into a true race bred car. Alongside with the sound that high rev engine had, it was a delight to photograph every lines and details from an "old" and remarkable design, that Motor O2 brought to me. Now, I only hope Nissan awake and put another real NISMO in the market, soon!
Caterham 485R - Quando a brincadeira muda de tom...
Já passaram 2 anos desde a minha última experiência com um Caterham, nomeadamente, com um 275S, e posso garantir-vos, ainda hoje me lembro de cada pormenor associado àquele "brinquedo". Mas desta vez, a Caterham Cars Portugal decidiu aumentar o tom da "brincadeira"...
TCR Series - Samples 23/04/2016
Here are some samples from an old race that occurred at Estoril Circuit on April's 23th, 2016. Until today I still have a lot of them untouched, shame, I know, but it were busy days! Hope you like it!
Estoril Experience Day - 09/2017
It was another day after a bad night's sleep, which is already usual, the anxiety of being back to an environment like Estoril's on trackday takes care of my me... This time, the trackday was divided in two days, occupying the whole weekend, which is not badly thought, creating more opportunities to drive on the track and, leading to that each category had a slight decrease of cars on track. Since I had appointments on Sunday, I only photographed on Saturday.
Mercedes-Benz SLC 250d Red Art Edition - Motor O2
Waking up early in a rainy day has its advantages, like creating a great atmosphere for this session, specially at Ginjal, Almada, Portugal. The Mercedes-Benz SLC 250d Red Art Edition, for Motor O2's car review.
Peugeot 205 GTI - L'Enfant Terrible
One of the many photoshoots of the extint Photorevvin', and the one that means most for me. Nearly 2 years ago, I photographed one of the best and desired pocket rockets ever, making a great call to its badge, the Peugeot 205 GTI. Now, all I have to do is enjoy the not-so-wonderful-actually-nothing-wonderful rise of Peugeot 205's price and wait for an appealing business to fulfill my dream...
Alfa Romeo 4C - Motor O2
The stunning Alfa Romeo 4C has returned to Motor O2 for a proper car review. This time we were at Barreiro during day, and with a white 4C, making it almost the opposite of the last time. It's never to much to ride and photograph this car...
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