Museu do Caramulo - "Supercars" 2023
Museu do Caramulo "Supercars" Photoshoot August 2022
I Vintage On Wheels - Coruche
IV Festival de Balonismo - Coruche
TCR Series - Samples 23/04/2016
Here are some samples from an old race that occurred at Estoril Circuit on April's 23th, 2016. Until today I still have a lot of them untouched, shame, I know, but it were busy days! Hope you like it!
Estoril Experience Day - 09/2017
It was another day after a bad night's sleep, which is already usual, the anxiety of being back to an environment like Estoril's on trackday takes care of my me... This time, the trackday was divided in two days, occupying the whole weekend, which is not badly thought, creating more opportunities to drive on the track and, leading to that each category had a slight decrease of cars on track. Since I had appointments on Sunday, I only photographed on Saturday.
Classic Setúbal - August 2017
On the second Sunday of each month, in Setúbal, Largo Zeca Afonso gains life in the morning, with a return to the past by the classic cars that are there. As I was in the capital of the "choco frito" (great dish from Setúbal, try it!), I decided to visit this meeting for the first time and I did not regret it!
Setúbal Especial Sprint 2017
Last saturday, July's 29th, Clube de Motorismo de Setúbal gave us one more sprint at Variante da Várzea. I was missing that great smell of burnt gas and rubber, typical of these events, so I went from Ribatejo straight to Setúbal, grabbed my girlfriend (who has a lot of patiente for this but ended the day enjoying a lot) and there we went to Variante da Várzea.
Clássicos Coruche 2017
Article of my visit to Clássicos de Coruche. Here you can see some of the cars and motorcycles the event had.
Motorclássico 2017
Here you can see which cars had been in Motorclássico 2017.
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