Estoril Experience Day - 09/2017

It was another day after a bad night's sleep, which is already usual, the anxiety of being back to an environment like Estoril's on trackday takes care of my me... This time, the trackday was divided in two days, occupying the whole weekend, which is not badly thought, creating more opportunities to drive on the track and, leading to that each category had a slight decrease of cars on track. Since I had appointments on Sunday, I only photographed on Saturday. 

I got in the car and drove towards the race track. Arrived at my destination, I went to pick up my credential and went to the "Hook", where I was going to start taking photos. I missed this. Longing to feel the adrenaline rush by seing the friendly fights among the various pilots, to see the less common cars on the track, from where I highlight the Mini with K20, the Astra G sedan and the Mazda 323F, to see interesting battles, where I highlight the Mazdas MX-5 group and the fight between a Renault Clio mk2 ex-Trophy and a Porsche 911 GT3 (991)... Diversity never misses in this event! I had not been on a trackday organized by CRM at Estoril's Autodromo for months, so I decided it was time to cut fast. 

Going through the Estoril track in order to find the right spot is a task that takes some time, but is always worth it. I still photographed in the parabolics Ayrton Senna and Interior, after turn 1 and in the VIP, and in none I felt a break in the emotion lived on that Saturday. I already miss it. At the end of the afternoon, with the battery almost at the end and the card almost full, I decided to walk through the paddock and I still took some photos. The bustle felt on the track, takes a less accelerated pitch in the pits, which presses for the companionship and curiosity and willingness to learn on the part of the public, after all, this is where everything begins.

It was another great day, although I got the feeling that I already felt the atmosphere more lively and full, but it was probably because it was the first day of a full trackday weekend. The weather also did not help, it was sunny and windy, which led me to catch a beautiful cold... Was it worth it? Of course, and in January I'll be back!

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