April's 29th, the 4th Clássicos Coruche exhibition.

Keeping the same location, in front to Praça de Touros, the interior of the building revealed to be well distributed, keeping the same idea I saw in 2016. Entering the building we notice 3 vehicles in highlight, at left, the automobile exhibition, at right, parts sale and exhibition of karts and bikes, at center, motorcycle exhibition, deep inside, some old bikes and, finally, in the upper floor (and still the best idea the organization could have), the good old 50cc.

It was (absolutely) a nice alternative to stay at home doing nothing and, of course, I didn't left it disappointed. There were some nice surprises, like the BEAUTIFUL Alpine A610, virtually imaculated, a 1960 Alfa Romeo 2000 berlina (will be restored), a Ford Pinto, something we don't see everyday, and, of course, the global quality of the event, noticing some old motorcycles in the upper floor, minding the MV Agusta Germano Turismo, the Famel XF-17, the Sachs Lebre and some Kreidler. Still on motorcycles, in the rest floor, the custom ones, namely, the "Flecha Brava", in a very interesting configuration.

I just have to say I was sorry for the lack of light, but in a inside exhibition, there's no way to escape, however, I'm certain that they'll can count on me on their 5th edition that, I hope, would be even more interesting!

To Clássicos Coruche's Team, my congrats and hope you achieve even more success!
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