Grigio. Sounds a lot italian, doesn't it? It has its own purpose since, once again, I'm back to Motor O2 with, ONCE AGAIN, another Giulia. VELOCE!

I believe I'm getting addicted to Giulia, being the Veloce the third from a list that souldn't stop here... I think inside the Alfisti community it'll be understandable, even outside of it. Giulia appeals to our senses, it's emotional and straight to the point, from the basic versions to the... Spicy ones. It's an ALFA ROMEO!

The 280hp Veloce doesn't let you down emotionally, given its performance or its perfectly balanced chassis (Q4 adds a precious help) and, as if it wasn't enough, the aesthetic touches rise even more the interest we already had on Giulia.

The interior receives new seats with even better lateral support and there's a little detail related to adaptive suspension. Motor O2 and I liked it...

You can know more about Veloce at Motor O2, HERE!
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