Abarth 595C Turismo - Motor O2

It never gets boring when I join Rodrigo Hernandez, Founder and Director at Motor O2 and we go on hunting spots for... Abarths!
It's a very delicated theme for these Rodrigos since it is a strong reason for going from respectable adults to... true hooligans on the road. Snap, just like that! Very, very complicated...

Well, this time I went to do a session for a Abarth 595C Turismo, red, a car we can take like the soft version of the Competizione. With 165hp, weighing about 1 ton, and having such a fun to drive chassis, there's no way to don't like this "David" in the middle of too many "Golias". Although this Turismo is not equiped with the fabulous Record Monza and is a cabriolet version, feelings and dynamics won't suffer damage. To the open roof lovers, the little wind deflector keeps the wind away from, at least, the front seats when you're going up to 62mph, creating the perfect environment for a... relatively quiet travel. So quiet it made me think it is perfect just as it is and that I wanted it instead of a version with the Record Monza mounted. If some regrets appear... There's the possibility to buy an Abarth kit a posteriori...

With were great hours of fun, as usual, with some burnt rubber (I said nothing!), one or two mishaps (doesn't matter!) and... The feeling of achievement for everything went well. About the final work, well, you can judge from yourselves by watching Mr. Inocêncio's photos and by reading (although in Portuguese, but hey, Google Translate is a thing) Mr. Hernandez's car review.

Let's go for another round?

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